The world's first Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding 3.0 Protocol with Real Use Cases

wRING and RFN NFTs, leading innovations that open a whole new world of possibilities in DeFi.

Hold2Earn with Rewards Every 15 min

Sustainable Fixed APY – 392,537%

NFTs with use cases that rewards Stable Coins

An easy automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet

Wrap your RING to wRING, and use them all around the DeFi space

"RingFi is a Systematic and Experimental Approach to the Circular Economy and Sustainability in DeFi. The next generation of 3.0 protocols"


Fixed Staking APY

The Method

How it works?

$RING model is an experimental approach to The Circular Economy concept, consisting of an Auto-staking feature enabled just by holding the token, plus a fixed APY that is sustainable over time and backed by a reserve of funds that ensures the perpetuity of the protocol.

Use Cases

Wrapped Ring

RingFi follows the steps of other protocols, but takes it one step further by releasing wRING, a composable (Yield-farming, Borrowing and Lending compatible) version of RING that enables users to collect yields on BSC dapps while still receiving rebases.

RIngFi protocol proudly deployed the world's first composable auto-staking token, which allow users to maximize profits, becoming the next generation DeFi release on the BSC, conceived to earn passive returns in the easiest and most sustainable way.


Secure and sustainable features inspired by circular economy principles.


RingFi team KYC’d with a reliable brand, battle tested code in the back, and hard coded functions in the contract. This is the definition of a security standard.

Risk Free Value (RFV)

RingFi has integrated a comprehensive RFV structure which takes advantage of the trading volume fees in order to back the staking rewards (rebase rewards).

Autoliquidity System

Every 24 hours our Auto-Liquidity System (ALS) will inject automatic liquidity into the market, raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.

Fixed APY

With a fixed APY, the price and rewards support systems and the holding incentives. RingFi can guarantee long-term profitability. With no fluctuations in profitability, users can enjoy a much longer life cycle. This is a long-term investment.


Additional financial support for the RFV. This additional support can become important in the unlikely event of an extreme price drop of the token.

Automated Supply Control (ASC)

2.5% of all $RING traded are burnt in the Automated Supply Control. The more that is traded, the more get put into the abyss causing the circulating supply to be reduced and keeping the RingFi protocol stable and healthy in the long term.


Risk Free Notes Nfts (RFN)

RingFi RFNs are NFTs that contain reward assets in Stable Coins and wRING. These rewards are given to the NFT when is minted, and will be unlocked after the maturity time.

When the locking period ends, the NFT will be exchangeable for the initial amount of wRING locked for its minting plus the rewards


Secure and sustainable features inspired by circular economy principles.


  • Initial Supply: 325,000 RING
  • Market Capitalization: $ 4,500,000
  • APY: 392,537%
  • Liquidity: $ 750,000
Public Sale: 57.23%
Seed Liquidity: 36.62%
Development Allocation: 6.15%
Launchpad Fee: 2%


Auto-Liq System

5 - 6%

Risk-Free Value

2.5 - 3.5%



Use Cases

Supporting fees

Other protocols allow bonds that passively dilute your position and pass it on to bondholders (thereby reducing your market share). Thanks to our tax system, we get our income from taxes, not bonds, and when someone buys or sells, you as an investor benefit. There is no passive dilution to mint new tokens through binding.

Buy 14% Tax
Sell 16% Tax

Meet our friends and collaborators

Our networking and relationship capabilities across the blockchain space is what makes RingFi one of the fastest growing DeFi 3.0 protocols

Why us?

Competitive Advantages

Our strong partnerships and relationships across the world are what make the global force for blockchain compliance it is today.

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Features Safuu Libero Titano
Risk-Free Notes NFTs Yes No No No
Composability Yes No No No
Wrapped Token Yes No No No
KYC Yes Yes No No
Automatic Burn Yes Yes No No
Sustainable rebasing Yes Yes No No
Risk Free Value Yes No Yes Yes
RGF Yes Yes No No
Auto-liquidity Yes Yes No No
Auto-staking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fees Hard Coded Yes Yes No No
Auto-Staking Hard Coded Yes Yes No No
Rug-Proof: No Minting Code Yes Yes Yes No
Rug-Proof: No Manual Adjusting Yes Yes No No
Rug-Proof: Fixed Rebase Time Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rug-Proof: Liquidity Locked Yes Yes Yes Yes
Periodic buyback system Yes No No No
Long-term adjusted rebases Yes No No No
Bot blacklist Yes Yes Yes Yes
Score 19/19 13/19 6/19 5/19

Frequently asked questions

Remember you can find in-depth information at our whitepaper, our medium blog and find us on social media channels!

  • Where can I buy RING?

    You can purchase RING on PancakeSwap or Bogged Finance. Please make sure you only use official links from our website or documentation. Be aware of scammers sending the contract address or purchase link by DM.

  • What is a rebase token?

    A rebase token earns rewards periodically based on the amount of tokens held in your wallet. You receive your rewards automatically, with no extra steps required. It's that easy!

  • How often do rebase take place?

    Rebases take place every 15 minutes. Your rewards are calculated in the meantime between every rebase. So you get the right amount and never miss one.

  • Do I need to stake or claim my $RING to earn rebases?

    No, you don’t, it automatically happens in your wallet. But you can wrap them to get extra rewards (Yield farming, lending, borrowing).

  • Is APY fixed?

    Yes. This will not change. You are guaranteed to receive these rewards as long as the protocol runs. Keep in mind that we cannot turn it off.

  • What is the benefit of having wRING (Wrapped Ring)?

    We invented a way to wrap auto-staking DeFi tokens so they can still receive compounding rebases while being used to make passive income in yield farms and NFTS as well as to be used cross-chain, on Central Exchanges, for lending and borrowing applications, and for governmental tax protection, among other things. wRING is the World's First wrapped version of an auto-staking token.

  • Where can I find more information about RingFi?

    We recommend every user to read our Whitepaper, Medium posts, and especially to join our Discord to get more info. You can find all those links in the website footer. If you need help, feel free to reach us out on Discord.