Circular Economy
RingFi is an Experimental Approach to the Circular Economy and sustainable DeFi. This is because all the gears are adjusted to be fully oriented to the Circular Economy models. This is why the rebases are adjusted for the long term, the Treasury funds guarantee the price and the Risk-Free Value funds guarantee the rewards, in addition to the negative incentives for selling (fees) and the positive incentives for holding (rewards, automatic supply control, and Auto-Liq System), recreate circular and sustainable capital flows. Over time the project will be able to achieve self-sustainability.
DeFi could turn the circular economy into a developed ecosystem by protocols like RingFi that guarantees active incentivization. The immaturity of the technology means that we are currently in the pilot phase (the most profitable), but once large-scale pilots like RingFi demonstrate the value of the Circular Economy models on DeFi, mass adoption will follow.
RingFi has the opportunity to explore and test the technology through proof of concepts and pilots today. With the enormous potential of DeFi and the technology now advancing rapidly, there has never been a better time to start experimenting with it.
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